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The Peace Science Society (International)

The Peace Science Society (International), or PSS(I), encourages the development of peace analysis and conflict management. PSS(I) does not confine itself to ideas specific to peace research, but welcomes and utilizes relevant work of the social and natural sciences. A primary concern of the Society is the improvement of social science theory as it relates to international relations. PSS(I) facilitates acquaintance and provides a vehicle for discussion among its members and others worldwide. It encourages and supports the publication of research, particularly but not exclusively quantitative research. PSS(I) avoids social, religious, or national bias. It does not promote political action or polemical discussion.

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2014 Annual Meeting Updates

Proposals for the 2014 annual meeting are now CLOSED.

This year's meeting will take place on October 10-11 in Philadelphia, and will be hosted by the University of Pennsylvania.

Further information on travel and accomodations will be made available as the meeting approaches.


For More Information on Conflict Management and Peace Science, including the information about the latest issue please visit Sage's homepage for CMPS here.

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