Papers Contributing to the Scientific Study of Conflict and Conflict Analysis

Editor in Chief: Glenn Palmer

Peace Science Society (International)

Department of Political Science

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802


Editor Emeritus: Walter Isard


Associate Editors


D. Scott Bennett, Political Science

Penn State University

T. Clifton Morgan, Political Science

Rice University

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, Political Science

NYU and Hoover Institution


James D. Morrow, Political Science

University of Michigan

Manas Chatterji, Management

Binghamton University

Solomon Polachek, Economics

Binghamton University


Ray Dacey, Economics

University of Idaho

Brian Pollins, Political Science

Ohio State University


Michael Intriligator, Economics


James Lee Ray, Political Science

Vanderbilt University


Kelly M. Kadera, Political Science

University of Iowa

Patrick M. Regan, Political Science

Binghamton University


Zeev Maoz, Political Science

University of California-Davis

Bruce Russett, Political Science

Yale University


Sara Mitchell, Political Science

University of Iowa


Carlos Seiglie, Economics

Rutgers University


J. David Singer, Political Science

University of Michigan


Manuscripts are invited for publication. CMPS will also consider, for review, books

and other material relevant to conflict and conflict analysis.

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