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Militarized Interstate Disputes

This data set is a revised version (2.10) of the Militarized Interstate Dispute (MID) data collection compiled by the Correlates of War (COW) Project. It covers the years 1816-1992 and provides information about conflicts in which one or more states threaten or use force against one or more other states.

The authoritative documentation for this data set can be found in the following publication.

Daniel M. Jones, Stuart A. Bremer and J. David Singer (1996) ."Militarized Interstate Disputes, 1816-1992: Rationale, Coding Rules, and Empirical Patterns."   Conflict Management and Peace Science, 15(2): 163:213.

The data set that may be obtained below is a ZIP file that contains four files. One of these, FORMAT.TXT, describes the contents of the three data files.

Users of the data set are requested to contact the Correlates of War Project (c/o Dept. of Political Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109) and report any anomalies or errors they find. Such reports will facilitate revision and refinement of the data set.

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