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International Trade Data

This data set is version 1.1 of Katherine Barbieri's national and dyadic trade data, which covers the period 1870-1992. The ZIP file (ITrade.ZIP) contains three files.

ITrade.DOC - a Word document that describes the data files and the procedures followed to collect the data.

NTrade.CSV - a comma-separated-variable file that contains total trade values (imports + exports) of Correlates of War states.

DTrade.CSV - a comma-separated-variable file that contains total bilateral trade values (imports + exports) between Correlates of War states.

Unzipped these files will occupy approximately 12MB of disk space.

Users of the data set are requested to contact Katherine Barbieri at and report any anomalies or errors they find. Such reports will facilitate revision and refinement of the data set.

Click here to receive the trade data set.


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